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Serving the WIRELESS INDUSTRY across the USA

Custom Design Services by Experienced Structural Engineers

Telecommunications & Industrial Infrastructure

Custom Design Services

Design Services

  • Monopole Structures: Tel-Comm/Antenna Supports, Sports Lighting, Site Lighting, Combination Poles
  • Equipment Shelters/Buildings: Masonry, Steel, Timber
  • Concealment Structures: Antenna Screens & Radomes- Rooftop, Building Facades, Pole Features
  • Equipment Support Structures: Platforms (Ground & Rooftop), Mezzanines, Frames & Racks
  • Foundations: Poles, Towers, Shelters, Equipment Pads
  • Compound Enclosures/Walls: Masonry, Steel, Combination Assemblies
  • Custom & Specialty Structures: Antenna Mounts, Parking Shades
  • Small Building Design, Outbuildings
  • Civil Site Engineering: CMU Screen and Retaining Wall Design

Structural Analysis Services

  • Pole & Tower Analysis: Co-Locations, Fixture Changes, Service Changes
  • Pole & Tower Modifications
  • Building Structure Evaluations for New Equipment Locations
  • Rooftop and Building Structural Modifications to Support New Equipment Installations
  • As-Built Analysis of Existing Structures

Field Services

  • Tower and Monopole Structural & Inventory Surveys
  • As-Built Construction
  • Site Development Evaluations & Consulting

Special Inspection Services

  • Drilled Pier/Caisson
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Welding
  • Steel Construction
  • Structural Observation
  • Anchors

Tower Structural Management

Tower owners should have trust in the workmanship applied to their investments. From original tower and foundation design to locating the first carrier quality engineering, manufacturing, and construction are expected. Once on the air, many tower owners hand over the health and safety of their structures to an unknown entity by having new carriers provide structural analyses and field surveys when they co-locate. 

Tower owners have a choice when it comes to managing their structures: Allow carriers to provide “their” evaluation or, use ISE Incorporated to “know” and oversee the use of their tower assets. ISE’s Tower Structural Management (TSM) service provides an ongoing status, through digital records, of an owner’s structure/s including scheduled inspections, up to date appurtenance inventory, and structural analyses that protects both public safety and the owner’s investment. 

By engaging ISE’s TSM, an owner’s interest is placed first when feasibility studies are conducted to add co-location carriers. Where studies indicate that modifications are necessary for co-location additions, ISE will apply our experience and expertise to prepare the modification design and ensure that the structure is safe and will stand through its expected economic life.

Tower owners can be confident that ISE will provide consistent, quality work and will respect our commitment to their investment and our integrity when working on and with their property.